But you can call me Alex! I am the CEO and owner of Honeycomb Media, a full service marketing agency for content creators. I also absolutely adore and LOVE working 1:1 with clients in the entire tech, SEO and design world.

Hi there, I'm Alexandrea


 From stunning web design that captures your brand's essence to seamless tech support that ensures smooth functionality (and high level SEO), I'm here to make your digital home a place that you love to be.

I get it. You more than likely didn't start your business to become a tech or marketing guru, amiright? Well, that's where I come in.

I'm obsessed with helping people learn to love every aspect of their online business.

hey hey!

In 2016, I started Virtual Assistant work on a whim . . . never knowing (or expecting) that it would turn into what it is today. In 2018, I started the shift into marketing strategy and the rest is history! 

We have worked with thousands of businesses and bloggers in every niche to scale and grow. As any business owner knows, growing & scaling a team can be tough but after many years, I can proudly say everyone here at HM cares just as much about your business that you do. The fact that we have been able to scale while remaining heart-centric is something I will never take for granted.

From nutrition, to education, to food, our love for helping entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams is what drives us! 

"I can ask her about SEO, design, Pinterest strategy, then 5 minutes later she’s coaching and hyping me up in my abilities as a business owner. You won’t regret working with Alex. "

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