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"Alex goes above and beyond in every aspect of her marketing strategies. Since hiring Alex, I have been able to work smarter and with intentionality. I’ve been able to grow my business while fully focusing on my passion for creating content for families with littles. Alex is one of the few that TRULY cares about your business as the WHOLE person. Not only is Alex a dream to work with but her methods garner true long-lasting results for your business now and for the future."

"Redesigning my blog with Alex has been such a fun experience. Alex hits the perfect mix of being friendly and easy going but also not afraid to tell me how she can make one of my ideas even better with her expertise. She is so knowledgeable and knows her stuff! One of my favorite things about Alex is that she has taken the time to really understand so many different aspects of online media. I can ask her about SEO, design, Pinterest strategy, then 5 minutes later she’s coaching and hyping me up in my abilities as a business owner. You won’t regret working with Alex. I hired her because she is a knowledge powerhouse but she has truly turned into one of the most important pieces in making my blog run as well as it does!"

kelsey eaton
southern plate

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